About Us

Our Inspiration

MAHINDRA SANITATIONS was established by Late Sh. Mahinder Singh in the year of 1986 in Delhi, a place which is always known as the hub of Indian Market, technology and Innovation. He enterenched himself in the Industry as a person of high moral values, technological innovation and projected a deep insight of the science of Sanitary Engineering.

30 years ago, he set up a professional enterprise engaged in the production of bathroom accessories. Thereafter, MS_MAHINDER was launched to meet the demands of Indian Faucets and Sanitary Ware market.

MS - MAHINDER combines state of the art, manufacturing technologies with cutting edge lavish designs and is committed to deliver trendy products intended to meet the most demanding client's needs and aspirations

The most competitive advantage of the enterprise lies in its Research, Innovation, Specialised Production, Supporting Capacity, High Quality, Cost Performance and Product Design. MAHINDRA SANITATIONS is also certified by ISO 9001:2008.

The USP of MS-MAHINDER is impeccable quality at affordable prices and is externally dedicated to giving its customers a brand new experience in Bathroom.